What to Know About Custom Mirror Perfume Trays

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Perfume bottles have appealing shapes and designs. Some are colorful, while others are clear and look like decorative pieces. Using a perfume tray for your bottles makes them stand out more. Perfume trays can be functional but still decorative. An example of this is the custom mirror perfume trays. They hold all the perfume bottles, and the beautiful reflection makes them stand out. We talk more about mirror perfume trays below.

What should you know concerning the custom mirror perfume trays?

If it is your first time buying these perfume trays, many things will cross your mind. The good thing is there is always room to learn before you make a decision and spend your money. We will look at a few things people mind most before purchasing.

Different shapes

Over the years, perfume trays have evolved in style and shape. The different styles provide a wide selection, unlike being limited to one or two. You can buy multiple styles to switch up your trays and match your house decor.. Like the perfumes, these trays make fun and thoughtful gifts for anyone.

Handle the tray correctly

Finding a safe spot to place mirror perfume trays is necessary. The mirror can tear if the tray falls or is mishandled. Choose a space based on the tray’s shape, considering they vary. You can find almost any shape on shopping platforms like Alibaba and others. These shapes are round, square, oval, rectangular, and geometric. Note that some forms hold more bottles than others. Choose based on your bottle numbers or get a bigger size.

Frame styles vary

The frames also vary, just like shapes. Framing is essential to prevent the fragrance bottles from falling over. They also keep the mirror firm and avoid cracking. Some frames are higher than others based on the design. They are mostly metal materials like gold, silver, or brass. Some frame styles include;

  1. Raised bar style: It’s one of the most straightforward frames for mirror perfume trays. It involves a single bar or more circling the entire tray. The bar(s) keep the bottles in place, and their simplicity is also attractive.
  2. Metal handles: The frame is so low and flat, extending out as two handles on either side. The frame protects the mirror but offers none to the perfume bottles. They can easily tip over if hit, risking the loss of your products.
  3. Claw-foot style: The frame is decorative and slightly raised above the surface. The mirror sits on the stands rather than the table.
  4. Lattice style: The frame looks like a decorative fence and extends above the edges. This style comes in multiple designs, e.g., laces, florals, or lattices.

To sum up

Custom mirror perfume trays are a great addition to your space. They are functional and act as decorative pieces. Good perfumes are expensive. It’s good to have a place to store them and admire their fashionable bottles. The frames prevent falling, hence an essential part of the tray. With the many designs and shapes in Alibaba, there is a mirror perfume tray for each person.

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