7 Tough Stains Removable With Pressure Washing

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Housekeeping is a never-ending battle, and one of the most frustrating parts is dealing with stubborn stains. For example, who hasn’t been frustrated by the yellow-orange mess left behind from a ketchup spill? Luckily, the Max. Pressure can take care of many types of stains. Maybe your home or business has a nasty mildew or algae problem, or perhaps you have a food spill that has been sitting for months and won’t come out. Whatever the case, it is always best to call a professional to handle those stains that you can’t seem to get rid of. It just takes a little time and money, but the results are worth it!

Let’s just discuss some of the stubborn stains that can easily be taken care of by using a pressure washer.

Mineral Sediments

Lime, calcium, and other sublimates present in the water accumulate on the retaining walls and surfaces, and when the water dries, these deposits appear as nasty stains that are too hard to remove. However, the pressure washers do wonders, and you can get these surfaces clean and clear with a bit of investment of money, effort, and time.

Gums and Sticky Materials

An item stuck on the exterior that is so sticky or tough to remove from any surface looks so gross, and nobody likes it. But, to remove it is such a tough job. How to do it? Well, the simple answer is a pressure washer! Pressure washing does wonders with even stickier things like chewing gum, even if they become stiff. Adjust the water settings of your pressure washer from normal temperature to hot water temperature, and you will see the magic.

Graffiti stains

Graffiti is one thing that can become annoying over time. Very few methods actually help to remove such stains, and a pressure washer at higher-pressure settings works miraculously in this case.

Fungi and Mildew 

Mold and mildew can also turn out to be an unwelcome guest in your living space that makes your property dirty. So, removing them should always be your priority, too, because they damage property and our health (and other people’s health). Using water under high pressures might help eliminate them- if not permanently, then temporarily until cleaning solutions take their course.

Grease, Oil, And Paint Stains

Oil, grease, and paint can make a mess of your exterior. Try to remove these stains with regular soapy water, and you’ll see how challenging it is to get rid of them. Though pressure washing is a little harder on the surface it’s used on, it also makes our lives easier if we need to remove any oil or grease from the pavement outside of our homes.

Corrosion And Decay Spots

If you have a fence that rust spots have stained, take advantage of the pressure washer to remove them.

Deck stains

A pressure wash can conveniently take care of the deck stains, but you got to be careful while doing it to prevent any damage to the deck.


Pressure washing is a great way to remove stubborn build-up from your outdoor surfaces. Pressure washing can also remove tough stains that other methods cannot handle. For instance, a pressure washer can remove dirt and mud from the driveway or sidewalk. Grass stains from clothes and plants and mold and mildew can also be taken care of by pressure washing.

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